Hispanic UMADAOP

Providing excellent and compassionate care for 25 years.


Project Niños – Prevention Education Specialist in partnership with Cleveland Metropolitan School District utilize the Lions Quest Skills for Growing Project Model, an evidence-based practice, provide a year-long bilingual and culturally competent in-school youth development and substance prevention education curriculum to assist scholars acquire knowledge, attitudes, and skills for setting goals, maintaining positive relationships, and making responsible decisions.

Hispanic Alcohol and Drug Program – Prevention Education Specialist utilizing two evidence-based models (Lions Quest Skills for Growing/Action and Positive Action) provides prevention education services to scholars in middle and high schools within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Creating Lasting Family Connections –Prevention Education Specialist utilizes the Creating Lasting Family Connections, evidence-based curriculum, to combine existing reentry services with new prevention skills  to ensure stable recovery, lower the recidivism rate, build resiliency, and develop resistance skills for substance use among incarcerated females in the Northeast Reintegration Center.

Jovenes en Acción – Prevention Education Specialists utilize the Lion Quest-Skills for Action Project Model, an evidence-based year-long bilingual and culturally competent out-of-school prevention education and community building curriculum, to integrate social, emotional and service-learning to assist youth in setting and achieving positive goals, showing empathy for others, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, and making responsible decisions.

Project Clear Vision – Prevention Education Specialists utilize Fatal Vision Marijuana Stimulation Experience, to deliver memorable cognitive and physical experiences to illustrate the potentially dangerous consequences of impairment resulting from recreational marijuana use.

La Mariposa – Prevention Education Specialists utilize the Girls Circle-La Mariposa evidenced-based, bilingual and culturally competent, and gender-specific group practice for adolescent girls to address unique risks, strengths, and needs by building healthy connections, addressing personal challenges, reducing risks, and building social-emotional skills.