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All services of Hispanic UMADAOP are bilingual, culturally competent and sensitive.
Residential treatment services are available 24-hours a day.
All services are provided free of charge with the exception of residential treatment.
Hispanic UMADAOP has served the Hispanic/Latino community and responded to its needs in ways that few other organizations have.
Hispanic UMADAOP’s mission, vision, and core values along with its goals and strategies will continue to guide Hispanic UMADAOP in building a strong and stable organization capable of providing culturally competent and effective services to its constituencies.



To empower the Hispanic/Latino community to reduce the negative
impacts of HIV/AIDS, violence, and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
through culturally sensitive, holistic prevention, education, intervention, treatment, an emphasized abstinence based program from the use of alcohol and drugs and re-entry programs.


Hispanic UMADAOP will continue as a strong, independent community resource in serving all people of the Greater Cleveland Hispanic/Latino
community. We will be known for our collaboration with other organizations in
providing culturally sensitive and holistic programs aimed at empowering
Hispanic/Latino individuals and families. As a trusted provider, we will focus on
outcomes both for individuals we serve and for the community.